Who We Are

  • VinsonCap Advisors is an investment management firm that specializes in Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs)
  • Our strategy is to consistently generate high current cash flow and also take advantage of trading opportunities in the secondary market


  • Capital Preservation – We believe in limiting risk by focusing on the downside and investing with a margin of safety
  • Transparency – We believe in clear and frequent communication with our investors
  • Patience & Discipline – We believe in buying what we understand and being patient until the investment thesis and value is realized
  • Use Market Volatility to be Opportunistic – Some of the best opportunities to capture returns are provided to investors when the market overreacts

VinsonCap’s Edge

  • VinsonCap’s process of sourcing, analyzing and executing investments is systematic and benefits from our proprietary analytics and first-hand knowledge of CLO structures and managers
  • Our long standing relationships with market participants enable us to get access to compelling investments


The principals of VinsonCap Advisors have over 60 years combined experience in the capital markets, the majority of which has been in the structured credit space